College Planning


Harris Insurance Services (H.I.S.)

The H.I.S. Family College Scholarship Plan consists of three programs to assist families in planning and paying for College Education and Retirement.



SAGE Scholars is the nation’s oldest and largest private college preparation and funding organization. Our goal is to bridge the gap between students who want an affordable private college education with colleges that will guarantee tuition discounts for member families - all at no cost to the student, family, or college. Through our Tuition Rewards® program, SAGE Scholars has been helping families secure the best possible private college education at an affordable price for over a quarter of a century.

SAGE (Saving and Growth for Education) Scholars Program consists of the four following components.

  • Tuition Rewards – College Scholarship Program
  • Market Cap and Gown – Online newsletter
  • Sage Prime – NEW! College Discount Educational Plan
  • Educational Articles and Tools on the Tuition Rewards website.

Please use the link below to enroll. You will need the Agent ID#
Agent ID: 103-004645
Registration URL:

Maximizing Tuition Rewards

There are several ways to maximize the Tuition Rewards Program. The following are a few ways.

Purchasing Insurance Product with H.I.S.

By purchasing one of the life and health insurance products below from H.I.S. You can increase your Tuition Reward Plan by thousands of points.

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness/Accident
  • Annuities

United Concordia Dental Insurance

Do you have a group dental insurance plan with United Concordia? If you do. You can add thousands of points a year to your Tuition Rewards Plan. Presently you will receive….

  • Earn Tuition Rewards® points redeemable for tuition discounts
  • Receive 2,000 at sign up, then 2,000 points/year
  • Each child enrolled receives a one-time bonus of 500 Tuition

Rewards points

  • One Tuition Rewards point = $1 reduction in full tuition You will receive these points as long as you maintain United Concordia Dental Insurance.

IBC – IBXpress

Independent Blue Cross is one of the leading health insurance companies in the U.S. Did you know that they participate in the Tuition Rewards Plan? That’s right. To receive your Tuition Reward points you must be a current health insurance policyholder of IBC.

First, log on and create an account.

Second, click on Health & Well Being at top of page.

Third, click on Value Added Services

Forth, click on College Tuition Benefit and follow the directions.

Receive a minimum of 2,000 points at signup, then 2,000 points annually for as long as you have IBC and they participate in Tuition Rewards.

Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

Through PFCU you will earn Tuition Rewards quarterly based on your eligible account balances - 5% annually with a guaranteed minimum of at least 1,000 points per year!

Registration Bonus
Each new account holder who completes the registration will receive a 500-point Tuition Rewards bonus ($500 value)! In addition, each eligible student whom you add will also receive 500 bonus points to get started!


Each quarter you earn Tuition Rewards equal to 2.5% of the value of your PA 529 account – adding up to 10% per year. Each point is worth $1.00 in scholarships at SAGE member schools.

Tuition Rewards costs nothing to join. It is easy to get started – just sign up when you open your PA 529 account. To track your SAGE Rewards, to get more information, and to receive a 500-point bonus, register and visit your account at You will get another 500-point bonus for each child that has a PA 529 account.


Through SAGE Prime, you will be able to claim discounts of at least 10% off the costs for non-traditional education programs, for yourself, offered by select member colleges and universities! Please visit the SAGE Prime page for complete information.



Upromise was launched in 2000 with the mission of helping families save for college, and we have awarded members like you with $1 billion in rewards over the years.

We partner with major retailers, local restaurants, and other businesses to give Upromise members cash back or other valuable rewards on their purchases. We also offer assistance and support to help families get the most from saving for college.

Upromise is here for you. We want to help you with your college savings strategy and goals. We know that saving for college is not easy. We can help.

We are committed to students of all ages to have the opportunity of a great college education. And as we help families nurture college-bound learners, we dedicate ourselves to "Creating Rewarding Moments" for our members and future generations. Log onto Upromise at


H.I.S. Life Insurance for the Living is a Life/Health insurance Program that encourages individuals, families, and business to purchase Whole Life Insurance as a means for Assets Protection, Wealth Building, and Asset Transfer. These are the three legs of the estate planning stool. This strategy includes purchasing and combining of Term Insurance and Whole together within the Life and Health Insurance program. The following are five features that should be included within the life/health insurance plan. This makes a Life Insurance Policy a 5 in 1 insurance policy.

1. Low-Cost Term Insurance combined with a Whole Life(WL) Policy. The whole life policy should be a participating dividend paying Whole Life Insurance Policy with an A+ AM Best Rating. The WL policy should be properly structured to maximize cash value accumulation and minimize cost. This can be done two ways

    A. Purchase a WL policy with a Term Insurance Rider of 10 30 years of level coverage.
    B. Purchase separate WL and Term Policies to achieve the appropriate low cost death benefit protection.

2. Life Insurance Policy including Living Benefits or Accelerated Benefits Rider (ABR). These are benefits you and your family can utilize while you are living. The following are 4 Living Benefits that should be a part of your policy.

    A. Terminal Illness
    B. Chronic Illness
    C. Critical Illness
    D. Critical Injury

ABR Description

Accelerated Benefits Rider for Terminal Illness (ABR), allows for the payment of a portion of an insured's death benefit if the insured has an illness or chronic condition which can reasonably be expected to result in death in 12 months or less. There is no premium for this rider. However, the actual payment will be less than the portion of the death benefit accelerated because the benefits are paid prior to death.

Accelerated Benefits Rider for Chronic Illness (ABR), allows for the payment of a portion of an insured's death benefit if the insured is chronically ill. There is no premium for this rider. However, the actual payment will be less than the portion of the death benefit accelerated because the benefits are paid prior to death.

Accelerated Benefits Rider for Critical Illness (ABR), allows for the payment of a portion of the insured's death benefit if the insured experiences a qualifying event covered under the rider. Subject to state approval, the qualifying events may include aorta graft surgery, aplastic anemia, blindness (corrected vision no greater than 20/200 in both eyes), cancer, cystic fibrosis, diagnosis of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), end stage renal failure, heart attack, heart valve replacement, major organ transplant, motor neuron disease, stroke, and sudden cardiac arrest.

Accelerated Benefits Rider for Critical Injury (ABR), allows for the payment of a portion of the insured's death benefit if the insured experiences a qualifying event covered under the rider. Subject to state approval, the qualifying events may include coma, paralysis, severe burns, and traumatic brain injury.

3. Cash Value Accumulation
The Whole Life Policy portion of your life insurance plan has potential to accumulate cash value(money) that can be accessed through policy loans for additional retirement income and college expenses! The cash value accumulation can be used as a Family Bank or Infinite Banking Plan. A strategy that you should Google and check out on Utube.

4. Disability Premium Rider
The Disability Rider pays the premium for the life insurance policy if you are disabled from 60-90 days. The life insurance company will continue to pay your premiums until you are no longer disabled or to age 65. This could be a disability retirement or college saving plan. The insurance company is paying not just the death benefit, and the ABR, but putting money in your cash value monthly! What other savings or investment vehicle buts money in your account if you are disabled? None. Not a mutual fund, savings accounts, CD, or 401K!

5. Sage Scholars/Tuition Rewards.
If you purchase Life, Disability, Critical Illness, or an Accident Plan from H.I.S. Some of our preferred companies will award Tuition Rewards points from 1000 to 4500 points for the purchase and first year maintenance of the policy. Then a few of our preferred companies will also award from 500 to 2000 points a year as long as you maintain the policy or log on to your account once a year.


By using these strategies, you will accomplish.

    1. Establish a Generational Family Scholarship Program.
    2. Building Generational Wealth through Life Insurance.
    3. Asset Transfer with Tax Free Life Insurance Death Benefit.
    4. Establishing a Long-Term Care Plan with ABR in the Life Insurance Policy.
    5. Establish a Family Bank or Infinite Banking Plan by using Life Insurance Cash Value.
    6. Save hundred of dollars a year in cash-back by using Upromise.
    7. Maximizing investments and savings by using Tuition Rewards points and Upromise to pay for college, instead of retirement savings.
    8. Protect a portion of your retirement and college savings plan with the Whole Life Disability Rider.