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As a client of Harris Insurance Services, you now can receive a very unique reward – the opportunity for the students in your family to earn discounts on tuition at an expanding national “network” of 300+ private colleges & universities.

Make college more affordable for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.. Enroll them ASAP in Tuition Rewards® from SAGE Scholars, the nation's largest private college saving program. Tuition Rewards Points are similar to frequent flyer miles and a great, free way to help your family save on college costs. One point has a value of $1.00.

More than 290,000 students nationwide are now earning (or have earned) Tuition Rewards Points that can be redeemed for tuition discounts -- guaranteed minimum scholarships -- at a consortium of participating private colleges & universities. The points give participating students an incentive to attend member colleges, which are looking to recruit more or better students. A college’s normal admissions standards apply.

Member colleges include well-known large universities (Bradley, Butler, Creighton, DePaul, Drexel, Duquesne, Fairleigh-Dickinson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Dayton, University of Evansville, University of San Diego, University of Tampa, Valparaiso) as well as smaller institutions from Maine to Hawaii.

Only private, four-year colleges are eligible to join. The reason: State schools generally give in-state residents little or no financial aid that is not based on a determination of "need" using the FAFSA form (except athletic scholarships and, sometimes, a small honors program). At approximately 50 very selective private colleges – Duke, Harvard, MIT, Notre Dame, Stanford, etc. -- financial aid is also solely based on “need” (except athletic scholarships, where permitted); because these schools do not discount tuition, they’re not eligible for our program.

Tuition Rewards Points do not affect your financial aid eligibility and are not taxable (as they do not represent income). Enrollment is easy. You fill out a form; your advisor sets up your account. Next, you receive an email from Tuition Rewards. When you click on the link in the email and supply a user name and password, your account is “activated” -- and you receive your 500-point Enrollment Bonus ($500 value). Plus, each student whom you enroll also earns 500 Points ($500 value). Students must be family members (children, stepchildren, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.). The enrollment deadline is Aug. 31 of the year that 11th grade begins. (Don’t wait!)

Your student beneficiaries will receive additional points on their birthdays until they start of 12th grade. The earlier a student is enrolled, the more Tuition Rewards Points earned!

When your student is a senior in high school, you must submit a Rewards statement to participating colleges at time of application.

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